Tips for Comparing Quotes

JW & BA Paul Builders would love to build your home however we understand that you may be comparing prices with other builders for this very important decision. Therefore please find attached some tips when you are comparing quotes;


Make sure you are clear on what is included in the price and the materials used, higher quality materials obviously cost more. If there is no detail then you should ask for this so that you are able to fairly compare.


These are items are variable, not fixed price and are based on what the Builder has estimated you may spend on your kitchen for example. JW & BA Paul Builders will always give an honest price however sometimes a client will make a section which is less than the sum allocated, this is given back as a credit during the build. By the same token some clients may select a higher end more expensive finish which is charged as extra. Therefore a Builder may underestimate the PCs making their total price look lower however you will be still charged the extra in the end. So although the PCs are important to consider you should not take these into account when comparing prices between Builders.


If there is a significant difference between quotes there is usually a reason. If one price is $20,000 less than the others there may be something included in one quote that is omitted in the other, for example excavations or a garage. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are being quoted on and that you are comparing apples with apples not apples with oranges.


Check your builder is a member of a Builders Association such as the Housing Industry of Australia and that they can supply you with a license number, you don’t want to employ a ‘cowboy’ for what is probably the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.


Ask for the maintenance period offered by the Builder, some companies offer a very short period


All licensed builders should be fully insured for both the construction site, for themselves and employees


Most of all you should be happy with the team with whom you will be dealing with for the duration of the construction of your home, you should be able to trust in their expertise, experience, professionalism and workmanship. Ask for recommendations and check testimonials from previous clients to assist with this.

For more information on comparing quotes, or any other enquiries, please contact us

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